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Emperor Penguin is America's a-number-one electro jam squadron. They produce a fine mixture of "found" sounds, instruments, samples, beats and loops. Starting as a series of bizarre experiments involving primitive sampling techniques and frozen pizza, the tympanic duo has rapidly evolved into a full-service jam factory, cranking out hit after hit, including three full-length releases in eleven months without, ahem, skipping a beat. Emperor Penguin's latest release is the four-song Cd single "Damn," released on March 26th, 2001. The brand new Emperor Penguin T-shirt is also available. The time of Emperor Penguin is now! Expect victory.

A video for the song "Mysterious Pony" can be downloaded here [8.0 mb]. Footage is courtesy of the television program Chic-a-Go-Go.

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"A Sense of Where We Are" Cd
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"Damn" Cd5
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Emperor Penguin T-shirt
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"Mysterious Pony" Cd
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"The My Pal God Holiday Record 2" Cd
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"Extreme Gaming" Cd
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"Shatter the Illusion of Integrity, Yeah" Cd
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"Southern Distribution Sampler" Cd
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